Quick Tools for Daily Tasks  短频快工具
  1. Typing Chinese  汉字输入法及打字

  2.   PC Users: Typing Chinese with Google Pinyin IME  谷歌拼音输入法 (Highly recommended!)

  3.   Mac Users: Typing Chinese with QIM  苹果电脑QIM 输入法 (The Best!!)


  1. Chinese Character Writing Basics   汉字习字 

  2. Using eStroke character animation 用“易笔汉字动画学习汉字及其笔顺

  3. Ni Wo Ta Character Trainer Apps  用 《你我他》“电子汉字辅导” APP 学习基本汉字 New]

  4. Audio and Video Tools for Teaching 音像工具用于教学

  5.   Using  Lino Sticky Notes  用“Lino” 布告栏 丰富教学活动   [New]

  6.   Using Audio Dropbox for oral assignments 用语音收件箱做线上录音或口试

  7.   Using Conversations for asynchronous listening-speaking tasks 线上异步听答 (第一版)

  8.   Using Conversations for asynchronous listening-speaking tasks 线上异步听答 (第二版)

  9. Using Mashups for media-rich input -output tasks 多媒体“什锦拼盘”用于视听说任务

  10.   Using Jing to create learning activities 利用屏幕录像工具设计教学活动

  11.   Using Voice-Thread for speaking tasks 用 VoiceThead 线上异步看图说话

  1. Blogging/Journal Writing 网记写作

  2. Using the blogging tool for writing tasks (an example) 博客工具用于写作任务 (样例) 

  3. Using a blog website for instructor’s general purposes 博客网页用于教师日常用途  

  4. Adding Pinyin 标注拼音及调号

  5.   Methods for adding Pinyin with tone marks 几种标注拼音的方式

  6.   Using Google Translator for pinyin converstion 用谷歌在线翻译器转换拼音

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