Articles on TCFL   L2中文教学研讨文章    

Phyllis Zhang / 张霓
  1. Tech-Enhanced Proficiency Development    利用现代技术强化语言技能训练 

  2. Optimizing Chinese language instruction: Where we are and where we are going (优化中文教学模式--从现状看发展 ) 
    Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching (JTCLT) 5(2),  Dec. 2014, pp. 66-82.

  3. Using video to promote the acquisition of advanced proficiency (利用视频短片促进高级表达技能的获得).
    Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching (JTCLT) 4 (2),  Dec 2013, pp. 69-85.        

  4. Syncing with the digital age: Using web tools to develop Chinese writing proficiency  (与数码时代同步--利用网络技术训练 写作技能).  In D. Xu  (Ed.) Technology and Chinese Language Teaching in the U.S. 2012, pp. 162-183.  Beijing: China Social Sciences Press.        

  5. Using VoiceThread to boost proficiency development: Performance-based activity design  (利用VoiceThread 提升语言技能--注重能力表现的活动设计).   Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching (JTCLT), June 2011, Vol.2:1, 63-80 

  6. Effectiveness of computer assisted language learning:  Can the computer substitute for the traditional drillmaster? (电脑网络工具能否替代人工操练?) In Wu Y. H. (Ed.)  Chinese Language Globalization Studies  (汉语国际传播研究), 2011, Vol. 1, 254-263. Beijing: Commercial Press.
            PDF zhang_CP_2011_电脑替代人工操练 .pdf

  7. Video podcasting: Perspectives and prospects for Chinese mobile learning. Journal of the  Chinese Language Teachers Association, Feb. 2009, Vol. 44:1, 51-67.

  1. Textbook Innovations & Rationales   教材创新与教学理念    

  2.    The Developing Chinese Fluency Series 
    published by Cengage Learning, printed in U.S. A
    (Australia   Brazil   Mexico   Singapore   United Kingdom  United States)

  3.    (2014-15) 你我他 (初级教程) Ni Wo Ta --An Introductory Course.  Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning                      

  4. General info on design (English)  NiWoTa_general info_English.pdf

  5. The rationale and pedagogy (Chinese) NiWoTa_rationale_Chinese.pdf

  6.   (2010-11) 表达(中高级教程)Biaoda (Intermediate-Advanced).  Singapore: Cengage Learning-Asia

  7.   The rationale and pedagogy  DCF-Biaoda_rationale-pedagogy.pdf


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