Narrative 《一见钟情》

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Created by Phyllis Zhang


Sunny Chen and Yue Liang

Camera by Tiefei Ma and Xiaojing Zhang

Video editing by Phyllis Zhang

Video production supported in part by The Consortium for

Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

© Copyright 2001-2011 by Phyllis Zhang. All rights reserved.

Non-commercial use permitted.

In this segment  这个短片说的是:

Yangyang is telling her friend she just met someone special on the Internet...  


Love at First Sight 一见钟情
(Length: 3 min.)
 Activity Worksheets 


Two college girls’ dating experience.
Describing impression of a person and narrating personal experience.  

   Activity Suggestions  
(Upper-intermediate to advanced levels)
Can be used for:.. 
 teaching listening comprehension    
 teaching description skills
 teaching narration skills
 providing modeling for speech  
 creative writing
 debating on dating issues