Interview  《谈谈沙尘暴

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Speaker: Feifei Lu

Interviewed by Phyllis Zhang

Camera by David Wu

Video editing by Phyllis Zhang

Video production supported in part by The Consortium for

Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

© Copyright 2001-2011 by Phyllis Zhang. All rights reserved.

Non-commercial use permitted.

In this segment  这个短片谈的是

Discussion of sandstorms attacking northern China and environmental issues. 

中国北方的一些城市发生的沙尘暴灾害 以及环境保护问题

Talking about Sandstorms 谈谈沙尘暴
(Length: 2 min.)

Sample activity worksheets

What is a sandstorm? What is it like? What are the main reasons for their frequent attacks to  the northern cities in China? .... 
Describing sandstorms, discussing problems and solutions. 

Can be used for:.. 
(Upper-intermediate to advanced levels)

 listening comprehension    
 teaching description skills
 providing modeling for description  
 speaking/writing practice