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Flash movie and narration by Phyllis Zhang

based on David Wei Wu’s PPT slideshow.

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Non-commercial use permitted.

In this slideshow  这个短片介绍的是:

A very brief introduction of Chinese New Year’s custom and some traditional practices.


Chinese New Year 中国新年
(Length: approx. 3 min.)


Flash movie based on a PPT image slideshow, with text, narration, and background music; images from this slideshow were randomly collected from various sources from the Internet.
 (For best results, uncheck the Automatic play button at lower right corner at start) 
Chinese customs and practices, food, cultural items such as lanterns, New Year’s paintings, sayings, etc.

Can be used for:.. 
(Beginning-intermediate levels)

providing cultural exposure
teaching vocabulary items related to food, color, traditional cultural items and practices
View & Tell (input-to-output) tasks. E.g. listen to/view the slides and then tell (or ask and answer questions) about Chinese New Year as presented in the slideshow.