Slideshow /Flash Movie 《来-去》

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In this flash movie  这个短片含有:

Animated stick figures to illustrate action verbs of direction and movement.

动画演示人物动作方向和运动 (-来、-去)。

 Verb-lai/qu  动词-来/去

Flash movie with animated stick figures and text to illustrate difficult structures in basic Chinese; play-pause-back-forward control buttons.  
Verbs of movement and direction 
Directives with ba-sentences
Resultative verb complement
Can be used for:.. 
(Beginning level)

illustrating directional complements (V来/去)and the 把 structure.
practicing these structures by answering questions based on the movie
source for speaking/writing tasks

Image sequence designed by Phyllis Zhang

  Flash drawing and animation by David Wei Wu

© Copyright 2005-2011 by Phyllis Zhang. All rights reserved.

Non-commercial use permitted.