Slideshow /Flash Movie 《包饺子》

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Photos by Phyllis Zhang and David Wei Wu

PPT slideshow and narration by Phyllis Zhang

Flash Movie by David Wei Wu

© Copyright 2003-2011 by Phyllis Zhang.

All rights reserved.

Non-commercial use permitted.

In this slideshow  这个短片介绍:

We show you how to make dumplings in a simple way.


Making Dumplings 包饺子
(Length: 3.5 min)
Sample activity worksheets  

Flash movie based on a PPT image slideshow, with text, narration, background music, and video;  play-pause-back-forward control buttons.
Food and ingredient names, process, action verbs with the ba-structure 

Can be used for:.. 
(All levels)

 providing cultural exposure
 teaching  vocabulary for food and ingredients
 practicing “把”-sentences 
 practicing sequential adverbs (先, 然后, 最后)
narration skills (e.g. sequence and process of  preparing food)
 View & Tell (input-to-output) tasks
 oral presentation or writing project